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Egreat R300 is the among the best media player in the market to use for high definition videos. It’s construct with chipset and great metal. Egreat R300 is high definition 3D 1080p buy oem software Media player that is full. It is strong network High Definition and HDD media player. To play this media player need realtek RTD 1186DD 3D chipset only. It’s used for the fasted speed of web and for clear movies. In this media player has total 3 D supporting which is better to view videos. In this media player it is possible to do web browsing that is fasted and android OS. If you are using 3D movies to be watched by this you then should use 3D glasses and 3D television to view 3D movies with this high definition media player.

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Features of Egreat R300 Media Player: 1.it’s superb HDTV screen which is excellent to see films. 2.It works with both polarization and active shutter 3D television. 3.In this media player you are able to convert films in 3D. You can see them in 3D pictures if you’ve 2D movies then. 4.It supports audio returns channel and 3D images on your 3D television with deep colors. 5.In this media player has given great five USB ports those are suitable to use five stations in real time. 6.It has assembled great fan for cooling and new aluminum housing which is efficient to play in any setting because of its devotee. It control very well to heat of the CPU.

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7.You can play it with DVD ROM, but you need to get the DVD with DVD navigation. 8.It supports to blue ray movies at 1080p which is the high definition images of the movies. 9.You can take high quality images from your own android telephones and iPhones and you then can appreciate high-resolution graphics and films in this media player with 3D. 10.In this media player has amazing permission of internal HDD directories and file those can be share from this media player. 11.It has great ability to use browser with high speed in Google Chrome. Through the use of this media player internet can be viewed by you on television. 12.You can use bit-Torent to download the file and videos too from Internet with high speed. 13.It has great powerful subtitle format. п»ї

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And you are able to alter the subtitle by remote availability. 14.You can enjoy the wonderful internet views YouTube, RSS News, Picasa and etc even without notebook. 15.In this media player has search function inbuilt, which is good for searching. So, if you have desire to get the greatest media player then you can buy online from and you can also appreciate this media players songs as sound and video also. Most of the people like to put it to use on their computer and television for high definition videos. Also you will get remote control with power adaptor, SATA Cable, HDMI Cable, and user guide.

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